Irobot Car Audi

It sucks. Really, it does. What am I talking about? When car manufacturers show off their concept models to the public, that’s what. You see, these concept cars are not for public sale – and yet, we’re teased and titillated by these auto manufacturers every time there’s a car show. It’s not that I don’t understand the reasons behind not putting these concept models on the market. Technically, less than a handful of these concepts per model are produced – so they’re a rarity in any and all cases.

They’re just like museum pieces – more or less one of a kind, just for showing off. Another reason is that these concepts are not approved for road use – their rated top speeds and raw power are illegal 99 percent of the time, so letting someone use it like a normal automobile is just wasting potential. Manufacturing-wise, some concept cars just weren’t meant to be used on our puny, paltry roads.

Concrete and stone? Some concept cars were made for vertical movement and magnetic attachment to stainless steel, such as the case of the Audi iRobot car made specifically for the movie. If I’m not mistaken, two units of it exist but can’t actually roll unless grafted to a set of detachable wheels (it supposedly runs on welded silver discs). Some concept cars do get sold, however – but only if you can afford the asking price. Some of these concept cars cost at least 5 million dollars, and that’s for the dumbed-down editions (so all you’re really paying for is the body kit). Until we become billionaires, or these cars actually become standard road fare, we’ll just have to be satisfied with ogling from the sidelines for now. They’re still effin’ beautiful, though.

Irobot Audi Photos By Storem

Irobot Car Audi

 Irobot Audi

Irobot Car Audi


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  3. I wonder how many people would match this car from iRobot to the current day Audi R8, cause I have and anyone else who does will see how similar they look.

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    And just this pile of things, she at a glance saw a sheet of sign after receiving STH is migrant workers pay, she at noon yesterday in the dining hall, it seems as if still hear the LaoXie labor contractor in engineering, said three months did not send the salary migrant workers, has WuFangYuan action so fast,Buffalo Bills Jerseys just yesterday afternoon take three months salary to give “, again carefully see above and resolve the LaoXie sign for the list of the signature, and look at the signature of the LaoXie time or last week, do the labor contractor LaoXie signature also false become? Dizzy, really is dizzy to finish.
    The last time WuFangYuan give her invoice have two zhang is fraudulent votes, don’t know where he came from the lane. Now such a rapid speed is fixed, and just caocao a look as though it found problems, and let her feel his these things not false just strange……
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    YeXiaoMin and look at the data, the heart thinks: or whatever, so busy these annual report things again say, just just literally see, but she certainly thinks there will be problems of, again nasty and only see things such as a full look at the situation, but those who ShenRongLin signed those business for documents, temporarily no questions, may I listed account, later. As for other some documents, first temporarily puts, and there’s a chance, WuFangYuan again for this thing to do round. But the premise is, the bills can’t provide false invoices, otherwise she will feel very difficult now.
    YeXiaoMin also looked at these documents in casual, except those related business receives fee material preparation more ready besides, some other specific project is some procedures incomplete; Such as a site for material, cement and steel mold the piece, still lack of relevant technical personnel’s signature, the other is to test these invoice true and false. And then the migrant workers payment of salary list,AP Chinese some places have not listed clearly, some of which hold the signature facebook, she also need a phone to confirm, even if she wanted to help him, also want to help in the light of, can’t let him go to do anything bad.
    Another is to test these invoice true and false, of course also only go online to check, so many invoice, one by one, and it also really worry not, YeXiaoMin can’t help lightly sighed.
    YeXiaoMin is a native of pinghu girl, and the smooth settled in YuWanFang company, started her life of another a journey. In ten thousand party engineering company this mobility unit work, is still relatively a quiet, even is drab. For years she spent in many places, in pinghu stay time is very short, so of the day though drab, but also more full, just set himself to the delay, age also crossed the appalling 30 big shut, became the eyes of the people with female, the YeXiaoMin married also became her mother’s heart, as long as it is YeXiaoMin a time back to pinghu, her mother took her to get around to introduce object, but in the YeXiaoMin here, are usually is a “can’t find feeling”, or “not found a irritating to eyes” and sent, most dear to process, were basically met, the relationship between men and women after be die young.
    In fact she in pinghu stay time and not many, usually three months can rest home about 10 days, but sometimes in order to escape from the mother of those boring to arrange, pinghu also in the dorm to return to stay don’t want to go home, in her eyes or a person good, that a people eat satisfied family not hungry feeling so good.
    Just in this project department and WuFangYuan get along with long, she felt more irritating to eyes to his fate, and also in imperceptible in to this better than she small bit of big boy, a little bit more different care, maybe this is what people have often said that’s unrequited love. But she also WuFangYuan to some of the practices, hold different opinions, of course, WuFangYuan like to “small temple street BuYeTian” nightclub that kind of place more disgusted.
    At the same time, YeXiaoMin also thought of NaShi last went to the company’s financial statements meeting, the meeting about pinghu local tax bureau to ten thousand party company of audit, just in a small projects department, they have found dozens of false invoices, amount as high as 600 yuan, this had to let screamed ah. If the tax bureau according to tax law to a fine, you can die for you and continue to tax bureau is coming to audit the handle affairs personnel is about human nature, to you of self-check, find out the last out of false invoices, to supplement to set a ticket will do.

  28. When the LinZhiJiang heard the yuan LiuMei mention,Chinese language the provincial capital of ten thousand party group company, vice secretary of party HuangJia keep is a collection lovers, and is particularly interested in ancient paintings, even to the extent of the deep crazy about, as long as it is to listen to who said where there is any antique and paintings of what, he will also don’t want to what the consequences, ran the scene to direct, it was a rather to antique and not desperately of the Lord.
    The HuangJia keep original LinZhiJiang is the old leadership, but LinZhiJiang also work with him in and the time,Learn Chinese does not know the old leadership there is such a hobby.
    And now finally was able to understand a little himself under the leadership of the old hobby, LinZhiJiang heart not also had a little of his own ideas, because the last time he back to visit the rest in pinghu, accidentally met a painting and calligraphy store female boss, although her the calligraphy and painting shop and no ancient paintings antique what of, they were chatting together, he had to listen to the female boss said know a better collection of antique collectors, YuShiLin zhiqiang is the way to go home to see ideas, indeed, the last time to go home now distance, and has come to more than four months, now LinZhiJiang finally understand that come over, no wonder that day in deep water play chess leisure hotel, he is so * * * to burn, that he is hungry for so long, so a see that woman is like concealed in the eyes of the * * * slouching around,Chinese books not even take immediate out of control, is good, the last of the reason is not completely lost, and finally can do retreats, not easy……
    So, at this time LinZhiJiang has also decided, simply to give ourselves off, let oneself home a kiss agent, conveniently also can release yourself accumulation months of * * *……
    Two days after five o ‘clock in the afternoon, the night is still very bright, etc LinZhiJiang back to when pinghu,Chinese bookstore at the peak of the work, a heavy traffic on the road, let pinghu have another kind of style of the noise and bustling.
    The sudden return pinghu, this is LinZhiJiang since to the railway engineering battalion was xiangjiang river since the job, is the first time so cool to give yourself time off, because ZhiHuiChang ShenRongLin hq and vice ZhiHuiChang WuFangYuan were not, so he just and command the chief accountant huang zhi-hong said 1, home have a little something urgent, go back first days, if something is the phone. And he did not give his wife called to tell her, to prepare ourselves when to go back, he just thought of time can give his wife a accident surprise.
    Thought of here,Chinese textbooks on the way back to the office, LinZhiJiang also specially run a supermarket, bought a lot of his wife and son likes to eat vegetables, also specially prepared a bottle of red wine and candles, preparation evening and wife’s son candle power dinner together.
    LinZhiJiang from vegetable markets back, carrying food, firm walked on the way home, I thought that I left home so long time, also don’t know home now what, can’t help from the bottom of a position guilty…… living
    Through some road, and turn several curved, LinZhiJiang is back to his house HuaDou district area.
    Here LinZhiJiang is familiar with idealds couldn’t be familiar with, in the ordinary couldn’t be common in the community, he and his wife SuYun have been here for nine years, although the last year or two of the time,Chinese books for children because the railway engineering battalion xiangjiang river, after come back time began to less and less.
    LinZhiJiang home in HuaDou district 15 th floor a unit. Room 401. XuZhiJiang on the floor, and the key to open the door.
    Because by this time is still to come off work time, his wife and son SuYun Lin small white are not at home, but LinZhiJiang is specially chose this time to come back, the only way to give his wife SuYun is an unexpected surprise…
    When my wife and son for small white came home, LinZhiJiang has put the food on the table with a wife SuYun love to eat spicy fish, also her love to eat more coke chicken wings. Wife first one leng, then the LinZhiJiang rush toward to surprise her arms, charming yishen kissed his lips, said: “husband, when did you get back, how not to give me a call?”
    Standing at the wife behind the son is small white Lin, let LinZhiJiang almost and deny, people grow taller than in the past, and a little black than in the past, LinZhiJiang holding the wife to step in front of the son also embrace: “son, also know dad?” Say, the eyes of the LinZhiJiang ruddy, so that the whole family in the got together and it was really not easy.
    By this time a family of three in the table sat down, LinZhiJiang opened a bottle of red wine, to SuYun pours a, and then he also pour of full.
    Drink a glass of red wine after his wife, white face more shy segong is colourful, with an almost of hunger looked at her, and then LinZhiJiang just feel already have more than four months and no wife together, he know what she needs, oneself in xiangjiang river three years of county since the care and love for his wife is too little, too little. His look busy with work, ignored her, but she is always very considerate to understand him, and support his work, never thought that will drag the husband back, she needs to each other is long long long, lifetime grace to conjugal love together.
    And they two people settled in the son after, the two talents in the bedroom of the big bed and sat down.
    SuYun homeopathy lying in the LinZhiJiang body, the bird in the same people looked at LinZhiJiang.
    “Husband, you want to me?”
    LinZhiJiang but there was no answer, just deep feeling of looking at the SuYun, put her tightly carry them in his bosom.
    LinZhiJiang heart can feel, the wife SuYun chest that soft and supple and raised * * * ups and downs of shape, and SuYun body sends out the lasting appeal that papa let LinZhiJiang almost can’t tremble.
    He also wants to SuYun, they’re almost four months didn’t meet again, he needs his wife SuYutender feelings appease, need that kind of the opposite sex the taste of ecstasy.
    LinZhiJiang hold SuYun, voracious kissed SuYun, two people are some fool, they don’t have any utilitarian love each other, let the body and and get * * * melts.
    LinZhiJiang looked at his wife SuYun smooth delicate body, the “S” shape MiaoMan curve let her ketone body full of temptation, LinZhiJiang very appreciate SuYun figure, although she also quick to 40 years old, but that figure or engaging, captivating.
    The heart of the thirsty desire, let two people in bed on a love of symphony, and for a moment LinZhiJiang waves in chung experience love, for a while SuYun at the bottom of a harmonious moaning sounds, like a piece of MiaoMan violin pieces, the chord as perfect deduce harps.
    Their life seems to be in that instant solidification, the graceful feeling they forget all the world, and in their love mew, only two single exchange heart in tightly joint, let little other thoughts into meet ganci agni in burning in soul and body, let each other of the individual life because of love but radiant……
    SuYun like LinZhiJiang character temperament, his body of each place, in SuYun appeared to be as perfect,Chinese story books
    LinZhiJiang some quiet connotation, also mingled with the individual character is bold and unrestrained, all this let SuYun enjoy the pleasure of a woman, she is very satisfied.
    LinZhiJiang such as they couples put two people so long after the personal problems solved, LinZhiJiang just and his wife SuYun say a information, I heard that the group company ready to in the ten thousand party in engineering adjust cadre, I also want to have a thought preparation.

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