India Meets Another Concept Car

The Indian car market seems to be one of the hottest markets for automotive products in the whole world and that is probably the very reason why there are tons of automakers trying to get a huge chunk of the whole market in this Asian country. See, if you do get a good share of the Indian car market, you are most likely to get huge income in return for the Indian car market is still growing and there is still quite a need for vehicles.

Just recently, India’s Bajaj Auto Ltd, one of the country’s largest creators and manufacturers of motorcycles, has sent out two units – a concept car and one light commercial vehicle. Both of these units have been made for the mentioned market. Although the concept unit has yet to become a production version, Bajaj is surely positive that they would be able to send out a production version of the concept unit in a couple of years time. After all, they are currently having a partnership with two of the world’s best known car makers – Nissan and Renault. With a good cooperation flowing between the three of them, it is very much likely that the concept unit from Bajaj would turn out to be one of the fastest selling ones.

Although the concept car has still yet to become a production unit, Bajaj has already come up with an estimated price for it. The approximation? Around $3000. Now that is quite inexpensive if you ask me. Bajaj also did disclose that they are planning on building 250,000 of this concept vehicle and they could also be sending out the concept vehicle for export. The concept vehicle has yet to be named though.

Bajaj should be able to give the concept quite a catchy name for it would help them better market this product.