The Small Ones Are Making It Big

It is not only in Detroit where auto experts and car lovers have convened to be able to take glimpses of the hottest vehicles in the arena. See, just a couple of days back, an auto show has also been heating up the scene in India. The event is known as the Auto Expo 2008 and it seems like the small units are making quite a big racket over there.

One of the biggest noisemakers at the mentioned event in India is one unit from Maruti Suzuki. This unit is a concept vehicle and it has been given the name the A-star concept unit. The A-star is not only a concept unit – it is a handsomely designed small car concept unit and that has been one of the main reasons why it has been making waves. See, we are all aware that the prices of fuel have gone steadily up and having bigger cars means having to spend more at the pump. But with small cars, we can go from one destination to another with having to shell out huge amounts of cash.

Sleek. That is sure one very popular word that has been used to described the A-Star concept small car. Despite being small, those who have tried out the vehicle have also declared that it is fun to drive. In fact, this small concept unit has also been declared and given the nickname the “global India car”. I am pretty sure that the creator of this unit has been sporting a smile that could reach up to his ears.

The A-Star concept car was not the only vehicle from Maruti Suzuki. The car maker had some other concept vehicles to show off and the list includes Splash and Kizashi. These two are also concept cars and they have also been put on display at the auto show.

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