Improved, Newer Version of Subaru Crossover SUV Forester

Subaru Forester has been in the industry for a decade already, and every time there is a new Subaru Forester, Subaru its Japanese manufacturer makes sure that there is always something new to be excited about with their new Subaru Forester cars.

The 2009 Forester, as Subaru said is an all – new version of the crossover SUV they make. It seems that almost every thing with this 2009 Forester is new or improved.  Subaru have always held to their car’s reputation of safety, dependability and versatility. And with their newest Forester, it is a bolder, more SUV – like design that gives emphasis on safety, comfort, refinement and driving dynamics.

There are many things improved in the newest Forester; bolder exterior and bigger interior. Though the 2009 Forester is three inch longer than the previous models it still posses its trim exterior which is a brand to all Subaru Forester cars. With the 3.6 increase in wheelbase then there is a bigger space in the interior where they use new materials like double – stitched fabrics and high – grade plastics giving a feeling of higher quality. Its seats are positioned higher and interior is very flexible to provide more comfort and handling.

 It still uses the aspirated and turbocharged /intercooled 2.5 liter Boxer engines but improved for better performance and quieter engine. But its rear suspension is now double – wishbone to give greater protection against collisions and better handling. This car of Subaru comes with a standard side – curtain airbags with a rollover sensor and offers navigation systems for the first time like Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Dynamic Chassis Control Concept, high – strength body structure, Symmetrical All – Wheel Drive, Incline Start Assist and Brake Assist safety system. It also has advanced audio system like pre-wired for XM® or SIRIUS® Satellite Radio and an auxiliary audio input jack for iPod® or MP3 player connection.

 The new look of Subaru Forester is definitely bolder and ready to compete with new crossover in the market.

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