Passat CC’s Navigation Systems

 What keep people excited with the new Volkswagen Passat CC is its all – new navigation systems that is new to all Volkswagen cars. These navigations are made to assist the driver. Volkswagen Passat CC has three helpful navigation systems: Lane assist system; Dynamic Drive Control (DDC), Automatic Distance Control (ADC) and Park assist.
 Lane hold assist system is a globally unique navigation system of Volkswagen Passat CC. This means that Volkswagen Passat CC is the first car in the world to have Lane hold assist system. Lane hold system is capable of two things: lane assist – lane keeping and park assist system. The lane assist – lane keeping system assists in providing corrective steer control when the vehicle is leaving the lane accidentally keeping the car in its lane. The system will steer you back into your lane when you swerve outside. This is a great steering support for more convenience and safety.

The park assist system automatically does the steering and guide the car into a parking space. This will happen if you push the button for it. Though the car will automatically steer, the driver will still do the acceleration and breaking.

 DDC or the Dynamic Drive Control is an electronic chassis system where the suspension constantly adapts to different settings it offers which are the normal, sport and comfort. Dynamic Drive Control will adapt to any chosen settings, different roadway and driving situation and also reacts to breaking, acceleration and steering inputs.

In Automatic Distance Control or ACC, a speed range is set by the driver. Based on the speed range the system or ACC will maintain a set following distance and brake and if needed accelerate.  Including in the ACC system is the Front Assist that anticipates possible collision and key the brake if needed. By using a sensor that monitors the distance from other vehicles in front of the CC the system key the brakes ahead to avoid collision.

 With these navigation systems of Volkswagen Passat CC, driving experience is a lot easier and safer.

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