BMW Gears Up New Concept For Geneva Show

Almost every car maker who has been aiming to make a real good presence at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show in Switzerland has been tinkering about with the vehicles that they are going to be putting on display. BMW is one of those car makers and they have recently announced that they are sending out a new concept.

The concept vehicle combines diesel and BMW’s ActiveHybrid technology. It has actually been a vehicle that was created out of a study done with the BMW X5. The combination of diesel and the ActiveHybrid technology has been proven to be great and the company decided that it would now be part of their EfficientDynamics program.

A diesel engine would be found in the concept vehicle and the engine would be the very first in the world that would be made from aluminum. This engine has been built with four cylinders for a better performance. Mated to the latter is an eight speed automatic transmission.

The company has been able to note that it has 100 bhp for each liter. BMW has also been able to clock in 6.5 liters of fuel used up for a hundred kilometers driven. And as per its environmental effect, the company says that their new concept vehicle only sends off 172 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer traveled and that is a great deal. For speed, thanks to the new engine, the new concept vehicle can zoom from a complete zero to a high of a hundred kilometers per hour in just 8.9 seconds.

But the vehicle is not just all about power and performance. BMW has created the concept car to be a comfortable ride for passengers. The unit also is versatile so much so that it has been compared to the versatility of a large SUV unit.