Opel Presents Meriva Concept Vehicle

Come the Geneva International Auto Show which happens in Switzerland this March 6th until the 16th, the Opel brand would be sending out a new concept vehicle that comes by the name Meriva. The Opel Meriva concept comes as a monocab and it accentuates the fact that it has flexibility as a feature.

FlexDoors are one of the main features that the Opel Meriva concept has. These FlexDoors are the vehicle’s rear doors which can be found on both sides and these have rear hinges. So in effect, when they open, they open in the opposite direction as the usual rear doors of vehicles do. As per the front door units, they come with front hinges and open the usual way other car doors open.

With these FlexDoors, the Opel Meriva concept has been able to send out the fact that it can function better than other vehicles. See, when a passengers gets in or gets out of the vehicle, they can do so without much fuzz. After all, the FlexDoors have been so designed that they can open at 90 degrees. If that is not wide enough, then we sure would not know what is.

The Opel Meriva concept car has been designed and built to have a high roofline. With that, one can seat in the rear and have a great amount of headroom. This means that when you get in or out of the car, you would have little chances of bonking your head which usually happens in the usual cars.

These FlexDoors can seem to be pretty well designed and Opel has made sure that the Opel Meriva concept vehicle has a safety zone which can be found between the front and the rear doors. With the safety zone, children who may be playing around the doors would not find themselves opening any door accidentally.

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