Mercedes Bionic On Display

Bionic? That would be a good name to describe a vehicle?

Well, if you have heard of the Mercedes Benz bionic car, then you would know that this is not a joke. In fact, as part of an exhibit titled “Design and the Elastic Mind”, there are concept models of the bionic car on display. This exhibit is happening in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

What can you find at the Museum of Modern Art’s exhibit on “Design and the Elastic Mind”? According to a press release, one would be able to find the changes that humans have gone through during the past decades. There would be various displays on mobility, communications, media, and transportation. And that is where the Mercedes Benz bionic car comes in.

The very first Mercedes Benz bionic car came out in June 2005 during a Daimler AG presentation in the United States. You would be able to find aerodynamics on the vehicle which experts have declared to be almost perfect. From its very name, you would be able to discover that the concept vehicle was made to be lightweight so as to be able to blend well with nature. The vehicle has also been made to run using a diesel engine that was clean and really economical. The engine uses BLUETEC technology which we know is efficient in cutting down fuel consumption and emission.

Traveling a hundred kilometers, the Mercedes Benz bionic car would only use up 4.3 liters of fuel. With that, it could be said that the vehicle is really fuel efficient and uses 20% less fuel than a vehicle from the same class. But despite the fact that it is fuel efficient, the Mercedes Benz bionic vehicle also has a good power output that goes to a high of 140 horsepower.

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