SEAT Unveils Prototype Vehicle

At the ongoing 2008 Geneva International Auto Show, car maker SEAT has unveiled their new creation – the Bocanegra, a sport coupe prototype. The automaker is proud of this vehicle because for them, the unit oozes with character that cannot be found on other vehicles. It also is sporty and there seems to be no part of the vehicle without a sporty design.

The Spanish car maker has created the Bocanegra well and has made the vehicle the starting point of a new range of vehicles which they are currently developing. The chief designer, Luc Donckerwolke, at the car company has been behind the design of the Bocanegra. Also, the designer has made the vehicle to be practical despite the fact that it is destined to be a prototype.

A sporty appeal. Raw emotion. Efficiency. Very modern. These are the characteristics that one would find the Bocanegra. And SEAT is proud of the prototype that they have created. The Bocanegra has been designed in SEAT’s Design Center and the company is proud to announce that they have used the latest technology in that they have created to complete the vehicle.

What does Bocanegra really mean? According to the car company, the prototype’s name literally means ‘black mouth’ and that is because of the design that the vehicle holds. The top of the vehicle has a dark finish and you would only notice that the headlights are the only things that are not dark.

The body of the vehicle comes with two doors. The front end of the vehicle is colored black and is semi-transparent. Many who have seen the prototype Bocanegra have been reminded of the original vehicle with the same name and that original vehicle is the famous unit that SEAT had years before. SEAT also did not forget to put the classic ‘S’ symbol on the vehicle.