Volvo XC60: Still With Safety

During the 78th Geneva Motor Show, Volvo Cars has taken the covers off its new Volvo XC60. This vehicle is what the car company boasts of as the safest vehicle that they have ever made. Well, it sure can be true for the Volvo XC60 comes with great features like City Safety, the upgraded DSTC system, as well as the Trailer Stability Assist (TSA). Of course, those mentioned are just a few of the safety systems that one can find in the vehicle.

Fredrik Arp, the company’s CEO and president has mentioned that all the knowledge on safety that the company has acquired through the years of being in the business can be found on the vehicle. That is the basis of the company’s statement that their Volvo XC60 is the safest Volvo vehicle ever made.

Going back to the history of Volvo, one would note that the founders of the company, Gustaf Larson and Assar Gabrielsson, had said that since cars are driven by people, they are going to make sure that behind each creation that is made by Volvo, they are going to incorporate safety in it. And the Volvo XC60 is a very good example of the vision that was Larson’s and Gabrielsson’s.

The Volvo XC60 has been designed to come with safety cages and airbags. It also has crumple zones and the whiplash protection system. You would also find the dynamic stability control and the dynamic driving control equipped in the vehicle.

Volvo Cars have also been keen to the idea that accidents do happen despite a driver being too careful behind the wheel. On this, a spokesperson of the company had mentioned that in the Volvo XC60, they had looked at the driver as the center of all operations. Instead of looking at the vehicle as the main thing, they made sure that they focused on the driver and just how the vehicle could protect the driver in cases of severe accidents.