VW Debuts Scirocco In Geneva

Volkswagen’s home turf is in Europe and with the Geneva International Auto Show, the car maker has decided that it is the right place to show off the best of what their current range has to offer. And VW has decided that the mentioned auto show is the right event for the international debut of the new VW Scirocco.

The new VW Scirocco has been totally reengineered so much so that one would be able to get the idea that the vehicle might even be a new one altogether. This sports car was showcased by Volkswagen along with the Golf TDI Hybrid, the 150-PS Passat Estate TSI EcoFuel, the Sharan Bluemotion, and the Golf Estate 4Motion.

After 34 years of being off the market, the VW Scirocco has been dug up from junkyard heaven and has been worked on. Now, the international auto industry was amazed at the new VW Scirocco. This coupe has been made to be sporty and yet comes with a really low tag price compared to most vehicles in its segment – with a base price that amounts to 21,750 euros. Despite the low price, the VW Scirocco also has some of the company’s top technologies. It has also been made to be dynamic, comfortable for passengers, sporty, and has a really good amount of space inside.

The very first VW Scirocco came out in the market during the early part of the 1970s. It took the place that used to belong to the Karmann Ghia, a coupe which has gone too old for the current market. The style of the VW Scirocco has been given life by the famous Giorgetto Giugiaro and it was designed to be sleek and sporty to attract more consumers. It first was sold 1974 in Europe and the North American auto market followed next a year after.