VW Golf’s ABT Variant

When you think of a station wagon, you usually do think of mothers driving their kids to school or to soccer practice while the baby sits in his special chair in the rear while he happily sucks his toes (or maybe his pacifier). Some would even think of a station wagon as a vehicle that is used to store soccer balls and bags and uniforms and shoes and all other things that the family uses in their daily duties. However, Volkswagen seems to be changing that thought for they have brought in the VW Golf Variant which is made to be more fun and exciting.

ABT Sportsline put some changes on the VW Golf Variant so much so that this station wagon now comes as a practical vehicle that is also dynamic and can play multiple functions. The combination of these three features has made the VW Golf Variant one vehicle that you sure would not want to disregard if you are looking for a vehicle to own. One of the changes done to the VW Golf Variant by ABT is the front spoiler lip which has been made lower. Also, Volkswagen gave the VW Golf Variant new side skirts, a rear wing, and two stainless steel pipes for muffler. With those changes, the whole vehicle seems to have a new aura – sportier and more distinctive.

Despite the fact that the VW Golf Variant is a station wagon which families normally choose as their vehicle, this vehicle seems to be better than most for we know that when it comes to family vehicles, we look at them as boring and usual and just plain practical. However, for this VW station wagon, the car maker has made the vehicle to be better, more fun, and also quite attractive that you would not even think of the vehicle as the usual station wagon.