Sintesi Is (Concept) Car Of The Future

The Sintesi. This is a new vehicle and it is a concept car. According to its creator, Pininfarina, the Sintesi is going to be the kind of vehicle that we would see in the future. After all, the company claims that this vehicle has just the right kind of solutions to auto problems that we are facing right now.

Andrea Pininfarina is the chairperson, and the managing director of the company behind the Sintesi and she has stated that the vehicle is a symbol of the kind of creativity that their team could come up with. She also added that that is not the only thing important about the Sintesi and what it symbolizes. According to Pininfarina, the Sintesi is an icon of what future vehicles would be with in terms of style and technology. The company has been able to create the Sintesi through looking back at the history of the industry so as to understand the needs of the present and what the future would bring.

A teaser campaign has been one of the main advertising techniques that Pininfarina had prepared for the Sintesi. Even before the concept vehicle has been launched at the Geneva International Auto Show, Pininfarina had been telling the industry about the Sintesi through a site which is accessible at Journalists who specialize in the auto industry have been attracted to the teaser campaign and despite the short period of time when the campaign has been put online, the site has already been able to gain over 250,000. This has been measured through Google, a well-known search engine.

So what is the Sintesi? Well, this concept car has been designed to be a sports car. It comes with two doors and four people could take a seat inside. Pininfarina had made use of what they call the Liquid Packaging and this is what they believe would be the kind of mechanical design that vehicles of tomorrow would have.

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