Koleos Is Renault’s First

First what, you may ask. Well, we are talking about the Renault Koleos here. And the Renault Koleos is the very first Renault vehicle that comes as a 4×4 crossover unit. This vehicle had just had its world debut and it happened at the recently concluded Geneva International Auto Show.

According to Renault, the Renault Koleos can be used for your everyday duties and it is also comfortable to take a seat in this vehicle. Aside from these, the Renault Koleos is also an easy vehicle to drive and you can take the vehicle out for an adventure on the off-road and you would still be able to experience comfort. Versatility is also another characteristic that the Renault Koleos has been given. Renault boasts that their Koleos has the comfort that a hatchback has and it also has the same amount of space that a compact MPV boasts of.

The Renault Koleos has been designed by, of course, Renault. With the help of Renault’s ally Nissan, the Koleos has been furthermore developed. Renault’s car plant in Korea, the Renault Samsung Motors Busan Plant, was the one responsible for the manufacture and assembly of the vehicle. So one can really say that the Renault Koleos is the product of the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

According to experts, the Renault Koleos is something remarkable. One of the things that should put car lovers in awe is the fact that 4×4 vehicles are bulky and are difficult to use. However, despite this new vehicle being a 4×4, the Renault Koleos still has speed and is quite easy to maneuver. It still gives the driver the power to control where they are going. This vehicle measure 4.52 meters by 1.85 meters and that amount is just right for driving through the city. But that should not hinder you to drive the Renault Koleos even in the off-road.