VW’s Golf TDI Diesel Hybrid Concept Car

This vehicle seems to be Volkswagen’s answer to the challenge they gave themselves: create a family vehicle that was very efficient, was practical, and had emissions less than 90 g/km. And so the Volkswagen Golf TDI Hybrid concept car was created.

The Volkswagen Golf TDI Hybrid concept was launched at the Geneva International Auto show. It comes with one of the newest diesel engines that are clean. The diesel engine is combined with an electric motor and these are mated to the company’s seven-speed DSG gearbox. According to the company, they have been able to note that the Volkswagen Golf TDI Hybrid concept is capable of reaching 83 miles per gallon and they had found out that the vehicle emits only 89 grams per kilometer of carbon dioxide. Interestingly, the numbers could still go down because if you are going to be cruising around the city, you may just want to shift to pure electricity as your power source.

The engine that makes the Volkswagen Golf TDI Hybrid concept move forward is a 1.2 liter common rail TDI diesel unit that comes with three cylinders. It has the power to spurt out 75 PS as well as 132 pound feet of torque. The electric motor that is also equipped in the vehicle has the capacity to create 27 PS as well as 103 pound feet of torque. This electric motor is used instead of the usual starter motor and alternator. Without the latter two, the Volkswagen Golf TDI Hybrid concept can function better because there is not much weight to lug around.

Interestingly, the Volkswagen Golf TDI Hybrid concept’s electric motor also doubles as a special generator. See, when the car brakes, the motor is able to get kinetic energy and that charges the battery which has 220 volts and is 45 kilograms in weight. It is a battery made out of nickel metal hydride.