Inside the Audi R8 TDI Le Mans

Talk to experts. Ask them what they think about the Audi R8 TDI Le Mans and you would get two results. Only two words. Ergonomic. Elegant.

Now, if you would be taking the chance to get inside the vehicle, you would most certainly be marveling at what you would find inside the vehicle. Those who have been able to venture inside the vehicle have been able to say that the vehicle is sporty. Audi has been saying that the Audi R8 TDI Le Mans comes with the element monoposto which is actually a type of arc that runs around the interior and actually is the line that connects the driver to the vehicle so much so that they are one. Monoposto runs from the steering wheel right through the whole of the interior and to the instruments. And if you are going to ask Audi about this, the company is definitely going to say that monoposto actually talks about the dynamics that the Audi R8 TDI Le Mans has been given.

The steering wheel of the Audi R8 TDI Le Mans is sporty, of course, and it comes with three spokes. Like in most vehicles, the steering wheel is the center of the whole set of controls that the vehicle has. It is not only sporty but it is also ergonomic. The rim has even a lower edge that is flat which actually gives the driver the feel that they are going to be racing through the streets. The wheel is wrapped in Valcona leather and is made up of die cast magnesium as the core which is actually a very strong combination.

You would also notice that the vehicle has a specific button for the engine to start and stop. You would also find on the steering wheel controls for the various functions and technologies that the vehicle has been equipped with.