Fun Kia Concepts

For most people, going to an auto show means finding appeal in all those vehicles that have yet to hit the market. For them, the fun starts with looking at the vehicles which show off luxury and sophistication and power and appeal. To a person who is not quite familiar to the industry, he or she may say that most vehicles just look alike. But if that person is given the chance to meet three of Kia’s concept vehicles, they just might change their mind with regards to that thought.

At the Geneva International Auto Show, Kia Motors Corporation has brought with them three concept vehicles. These are the Kia SOUL concept cars and these vehicles bring fun and excitement with them. These three new vehicles from Kia are two units of the ‘eco_cee’d’ concept, and the Kia pro_cee’d. But that is not where Kia’s surprises stop. See, the car maker has also brought with them the upgraded version of the small car known as the Kia Picanto.

Three of the concept vehicles that has been sent out by Kia are the SOUL Diva, the SOUL Burner, and the SOUL Searcher. It is interesting to see that these three concept vehicles are also small vehicles and really do look fun to ride in and to drive through the streets. Peter Schreyer was the person and the brains behind the design of the three vehicles. Schreyer is the head officer for design for the car maker from Korea. According to the company, the three mentioned concept vehicles are actually close versions of a new production vehicle which would soon be unveiled in Paris by this September.

On the new vehicles, Gregory Guillaume, the head designer for Kia’s European arm, has disclosed that the three concepts would be quite appealing to those who love being young and to those who are still young.

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