What’s In A GM HydroGen4?

If you were able to venture to the Geneva International Motor Show early this year, you would have been able to notice that General Motors brought with it one of the newest vehicles that they have created. This vehicle is yet a prototype at present but there are already plans of bringing it to the market. This vehicle has been given the name GM HydroGen4 and it is an automobile that uses the company’s fuel cell technology.

So what can you actually find in a GM HydroGen4 unit? According to the car maker, the GM HydroGen4 has a fuel cell stack. This stack is made up of 440 units of series-connected cells. That serves as the battery which stores power for the vehicle to use when it is used on the road. General Motors also did continue to disclose that this fuel cell stack has the capacity to create 93 kW of electricity which is a good amount of power to make the vehicle move from its current destination to a new place.

Aside from that, traction of the vehicle comes from the synchronous electric motor that the vehicle has. This electric motor can spurt out 73 kW/100 horsepower for energy. With that, the GM HydroGen4 has been given the capacity to go from a total standstill and reach a hundred km/h in just 12 seconds. It is that fast despite the fact that it does not use the usual kind of fuel. But that is not all that the GM HydroGen4 has got to offer. See, the unit is a front wheel drive and the company has been able to clock in an average of 160 kilometers per hour as its top speed.

With its name, the GM HydroGen4 also runs on hydrogen and its storage system is made up of three units of 700-bar tanks that are of high pressure. These tanks are made from the popular carbon-fiber composite material. The whole hydrogen system can store 4.2 kilograms of this hydrogen.

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