Kia’s Green Team

What is the most popular trend in the auto industry at present? Small cars? Not really. SUVs? I don’t think so. Green cars? You got that right.

With the kind of blooming range that the whole earth has on global warming, car makers are trying to do their share so as to be able to help slow down this environmental phenomenon. One of the most basic things that car makers do is to create technologies that would make cars lessen the amount of emissions they have. Kia Motors Corporation is no different than the rest of the car makers. This Korean automaker has created its version of green cars.

Kia has unveiled at the Geneva International Auto Show new vehicles. One is the Kia pro_cee’d which had already made its debut at the Frankfurt International Auto Show last year. The other one is the Kia cee’d hatchback that comes with five doors. These two vehicles are joining the green revolution despite the fact that they are still concept vehicles. They are collective known as the eco_cee’d vehicles.

The car maker from Korea has mentioned that with their creation of these two concept vehicles, they are actually looking forward to being ablt to show the world that creating a vehicle with a real good fuel consumption can be done. Not only would these two concepts have a good fuel consumption, they would also be having a fewer amount of emissions. Despite that fact, the vehicles are also design to still be able to zoom through the streets without much effort.

If you are looking forward to seeing the vehicles become production vehicles, that just may be difficult yet. See, Kia has yet to announce any plans for the concepts. However, what the automaker has said was that they would be using the technologies that the vehicles have on the current production version of cee’ds.

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