Searching For The Kia SOUL Searcher

Three units. All of them make up a group of concept cars. This group known as the SOUL vehicles from the Korean car maker Kia Motors Corporation. The first one is a Diva. The second one a Burner. And the last? It is known as the Kia SOUL Searcher.

This concept vehicle from Kia Motors is the car maker’s version of what an urban vehicle should be. See, this would be the kind of vehicle that you would like to drive in the city or in any crowded area because this ride would give you tranquility. The car maker even describes this vehicle to be your comfort-zone that comes using four wheels.

Experts who have been able to take a look at the Kia SOUL Searcher has mentioned that this vehicle is the right vehicle that would depict the kind of culture that can be found in Korea and the rest of the Far East. It is about finding your personal space in the middle of a chaotic jungle. So if you would be riding inside the Kia SOUL Searcher, you surely would be able to find your soul and your personality because of the serene type of ride that the vehicle would give you.

The Kia SOUL Searcher is said to be the very epitome of searching for tranquility in a really busy world. You would find that the paint and colors used are not that bright. Everything is about softness and being discreet. The interior comes with a leather finish and leather could be found on the vehicle’s bonnet, folding roof, tailgate panel, steering wheel rim, door panels, and dashboard. The cabin of the Kia SOUL Searcher is a combination of gray and beige so as to give you peace and tranquility with the cool and pure colors.