The Diva

Take its name and you surely would be wondering why it has been called the Diva. Well, this vehicle is the Kia SOUL Diva and it is one of the newest vehicles that Kia Motors Corporation has created. This vehicle is also one of the three fun vehicles that the car company has presented at the last Geneva International Auto Show in Switzerland.

According to the company, the Kia SOUL Diva is a vehicle which has been made to be a fashion accessory of some sort. The company is looking at those drivers who are looking for a vehicle to go with the kind of fashion that they have. Kia has also mentioned that the Kia SOUL Diva is marketed for those women who love fashion and style and those women who are young or who are young at heart. The company believes that the Kia SOUL Diva would be the perfect partner to those who would want a car which would go with their outfits. Kia is even proud to say that the Kia SOUL Diva can be compared to a supermodel which comes with an aura that exudes glamour, playfulness, flashy, and enjoyment.

So what does one find inside the Kia SOUL Diva? Ask Kia Motors and they would tell you that this fun and stylish vehicle has an interior that makes use of lots of leather and glitter to add to the enjoyment of the stylish woman driver. Three colors abound and these are black, white, and gold. The interior has been specially designed so as to still be beautiful. Light is just right for the Kia SOUL Diva comes with a tinted panoramic roof that is made of glass and is at full length. The seats are made from leather and comes with stitching that looks like it has been quilted.

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