What Is The SOUL Burner?

We have previously discussed the Kia SOUL Diva which is known to be a fashionista driver’s best accessory which would go well with her outfit. Now, we have to meet a new vehicle that comes from Kia Motors Corporation’s newest vehicles. This one is known as the Kia SOUL Burner.

So what does this Kia SOUL Burner have to boast of?

Ask Kia Motors and they would tell you that the Kia SOUL Burner is the bad boy of the group. Despite it still being a concept vehicle like the Kia SOUL Diva, the Kia SOUL Burner is really one vehicle that you would like to take home, especially if you are into defying the norm. The Korean car maker is even saying that they have made this vehicle to be a show-off especially with the dragon tattoos that come with it.

Take a look at the exterior of the Kia SOUL Burner and you would see a black vehicle that comes with some scarlet designs. The whole vehicle is painted in black and the tattoos are made to be glossy black so much so that it blends in the vehicle yet it also pops out to tell everybody looking at it that it has a bad boy image and that it is going to live along with that reputation.

In front, you would find the front bumper installed with a pair of LED driving lamps that are shaped like the letter L. These can be found on the outer edges of the vehicle. At the back, there you would find two exhaust pipes that are vertically placed right at the edges also of the rear bumper. The Kia SOUL Burner also has an interior which can seat four people inside. The interior has been colored black and red as well.

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