Volvo XC60 Unveiled

During this year’s 2008 Geneva International Motor Show, the Volvo brand which is quite known for creating vehicles that provide the utmost safety has just unveiled yet another new vehicle that they have created to be part of their range. According to the car maker which is also a subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company, the Volvo XC60 is currently the safest vehicle that they have ever created as of press time. Of course, looking into that statement, we would all be able to deduce that even as you read this post, the car maker is continuously working on new models that would be far better than the current safest vehicle.

The Volvo XC60 is not just the safest vehicle that Volvo has created. In a press release, it has been disclosed that such vehicle is actually the safest vehicle that the market has offered. One of the features that you would be able to find in the vehicle is the City Safety technology and it is made to be a standard feature so it means that you would not have to shell out extra cash just to be able to enjoy such a safety feature. This vehicle from Volvo has also been given safety technology that help the vehicle avoid accidents as well as protect the passengers in cases of collisions.

If you are interested in purchasing this vehicle, you would be happy to note that the Volvo XC60 would be coming to the market with three engine options. One is the turbocharged T6 that has six cylinders and can produce 285 horsepower; a turbodiesel engine D5 with five cylinders and can produce 185; and another turbodiesel engine 2.4 D which can spurt out 163 horsepower. No matter which type of engine you would choose for the Volvo XC60 that you may be purchasing, you would still be able to enjoy all wheel drive that comes with the Instant Traction feature.