Making The Fioravanti Hidra Concept Unique

One thing that you can possibly observe when you look at concept cars and vehicles—unique. Yes, they are made to be unique, especially those vehicles which would not have any future as production vehicles. There are quite a number of really unique concept vehicles that the industry has known. Right now, we can say that the Fioravanti Hidra concept vehicle is one of the most unique vehicles that we have encountered so far.

According to the creator of this vehicle, they are looking at getting a patent for the design that they have used for the Fioravanti Hidra. See, they are looking at a patent for each wheel of the vehicle because they are planning on using a unique type of suspension for each. Each of the suspensions would be identical. Aside from that, the vehicle has also been designed not only to be sleek but also dynamic. Everything can be seen in the Fioravanti Hidra concept’s body.

As for the vehicle’s body, you would notice that the design given to the Fioravanti Hidra concept is quite sleek and shows dynamism. The body has also been modeled well and makes use of plastic on some of the ride’s surfaces. The light in the front end of the vehicle are large. The rear has also been given four kinds of lights – rear lights, turn indicators, reversing lights, and fog lights – integrated well into the rear bumper.

If you are going to be looking right up from the skies, you would see that the Fioravanti Hidra concept has a huge H shape on its roof. The creator of the Fioravanti Hidra concept has declared that such is a form of an aesthetic innovation. The company also continued to say that the H is actually the product of a combination of those A pillars and the C pillars that we have heard so much about in the industry.