BAT 11 Unveiled

The BAT 11 is actually a vehicle. Upon first hearing it, many have thought that it was a more modern version of the Batmobile or anything bat-related. But of course, that is not true. See, the BAT 11 is actually in the line of the whole BAT vehicles evolution. First was the BAT 5, then came the BAT 7, and then the BAT 9 which came before this BAT 11. All of these vehicles are actually creations of the cooperation of Nuccio Bertone with Alfa Romeo.

Why BAT? Well, in an interview, Nuccio Bertone had explained that it actually stood for Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica which actually meant ‘Aerodynamic Technical Coupe’ when translated to English. The design of the BAT vehicles actually came from Franco Scaglione and during the times when the first BATs were sent out to the public, these vehicles had the best features and technologies.

As per the BAT 11, this is built to be a prototype vehicle and one could be able to say that it actually has got the Maserati GT chassis as inspiration during the whole process of conception. According to the creator, the BAT 11 has been made with the thought that it should be the kind of BAT vehicle that would be the vehicle for the third millennium. Of course, like all other vehicles in its range, the BAT 11 has been created to be a sportscar that many people would sure want to own — only if the vehicle is been made to be a production vehicle.

This BAT 11 concept vehicle measures 4.9 meters long and is 1.2 meters in height. It is also 1.9 meters wide. It comes with fins that are tapered as well as faired wheels. These characteristics and features can actually be found on the other BAT vehicles.