Volvo C30 Gets Special Edition

Last year, the Boston Red Sox had quite an astounding season. After all, it was the time when this baseball team has been able to take home the title of being a champion. And in connection with this, Volvo has made sure that the Boston Red Sox’s fans would be able to drive home in a vehicle that would constantly remind them of the wonderful season that has been and the team that they have been rooting for.

What exactly did Volvo do? Well, this car maker had just created a special edtion vehicle of the 2008 Volvo C30. This ride has been revamped and given special features so much so that the new one is known as the Boston Red Sox Special Edition Volvo C30. In a report, it has been said that such a vehicle has been made to be like that so as to become the icon that would tell the world about the partnership that Volvo has with the 2007 baseball team champion.

This may be too late for you. See, because this is a special edition vehicle, the Boston Red Sox Special Edition Volvo C30, would only have a limited number of units to be manufactured. Reports have it that only 107 units would be made. Each special edition unit would come bearing a plaque on the dashboard which is specially numbered. These plaques have been authenticated right by the Major League Baseball and that is really something. 107 units stand for the victory of that the team has had.

Now, the last unit, the 107th unit is actually a symbol of the team’s victory in the championships. And so, what will happen to the 107th is that it would not be sold. Instead, it would be given by Volvo to the Red Sox Foundation. The foundation plans on putting the vehicle up for auction to help a charity that they support.