Ford Fusion Welcomes New Version

Sometimes, we all do need a little variation from time to time to be able to totally enjoy life. For example, if we were dealing with the same routine over and over again, we get caught in the whole deal that we sometimes find ourselves blending into what we’re doing. Eventually, we lose ourselves and we also do not even know who we are.

In sales, it is also important that we do know how to put in a little variation in the products (or services) that we are selling. Now that is something that the Ford Motor Company has put into good use. What did Ford do exactly?

Well, in India, Ford has just created a new version of the popular Ford Fusion which has been made to be a hatchback. This happened just recently and the market has been given another option when choosing to own a Ford Fusion. For Rs 616,500, one would be able to take home this new version of the Fusion.

So what is different about this new variation? Well, Ford India says that this ride comes with additional features which would surely be interesting to consumers. You see, the new version has been made available with two engine choices. You can choose between a 1.6 liter petrol engine and a 1.4 liter diesel unit. If you would be going for the former, you would have to shell out Rs 6,16,500 while Rs 6,83,500 would be what you would have to spend for the latter.

Scott McCormack, the vice president of Ford India, had even shared that the new model, known as the Ford Fusion Plus, have been given quite a higher value compared to the original Fusion. But the company have been quick to disclose that they still made sure that the qualities that the original Fusion has have been added with the Plus.