MB’s Seven Seats

For Florian Mueller, Mercedes Benz is just about to be able to reach its goals for the Mercedes Benz R 280 L by this year. Mueller is the sales and marketing vice president of the car maker’s Malaysian arm. The company is targeting to sell a hundred units of this seven-seater vehicle.

The Mercedes Benz R 280 L has just been recently introduced to the mentioned market and they are hoping that with the proper promotion and marketing strategies, they would be able to reach their goal for this ride. The Mercedes Benz R 280 L is actually a vehicle which can seat seven people inside. It comes with a 3.0 liter engine and you can purchase one for RM 458,888.

The company has been able to claim that around a couple of months back, during the vehicle’s first shipment, they were able to sell 32 units already. Looking at that, it just goes to show that the 100 units goal is just within reach. And they could be able to achieve that goal sooner than they may have thought. After all, the Mercedes Benz R 280 L is a good vehicle to own. Not only is it made to be of quality and has been designed well, this ride is also quite a spacious one compared to most of the vehicles under the Mercedes Benz range. Just the thought that it can comfortable accommodate seven passengers is a feat in itself.

At present though, the Mercedes Benz R 280 L has got a long way to go in terms of sales compared to all other Mercedes Benz vehicles that are offered in the mentioned market. The Mercedes Benz E-class is still currently the top seller for the company. This vehicle model is closely followed by the Mercedes Benz C-class.