Debuting The Land Rover LRX

Oh how much do we love concept cars!

The promise of something really fantastic has brought tons of people to admire concept cars. There is that spark of hope in each concept that tells people that “We have been able to create this right now. Who knows? Tomorrow might bring a production version of this wonderful ride.”

And with that, Land Rover has decided to bring to the market the concept car LRX. The Land Rover LRX is actually a cross between a crossover and a coupe so you could imagine that kind of vehicle that it is. This ride has first been introduced to the industry during the Geneva International Motor Show. What this concept vehicle has brought with it is a different design which has attracted the attention of the industry better. It has been painted in metallic black and has been given a silver roof. Even the design director of Land Rover, Gerry McGovern, has been very proud of this exceptional concept vehicle.

McGovern has been noted to have said that they have been able to create such a vehicle with the help of the right blend of colors that is the first part of a vehicle that attracts the attention of consumers. However, that is not all that the Land Rover LRX has. See, this ride has been given more details and intricate features that one would surely want to have in a ride. Despite such, McGovern has been firm to say that they also made sure that the cleanliness of the whole style of the Land Rover LRX has not been forgotten.

Many have been asking when his ride would be making its way to production. Land Rover has not yet given any answer for that. And some experts are already saying that the brand may not just be sending the Land Rover LRX to a facility. So this could mean that the Land Rover LRX would remain forever as a concept?