Koleos: Renault’s First 4×4

We all want to be part of a milestone. We do strive hard so that we could be remembered for something. We are so much driven to be called something that would be either the “best”, the “first”, or the “most”. And this kind of attitude does not only happen in individuals. Even between companies, each one is vying to have a title that uses such words.

As for Renault, this car maker has just had the experience of being in the news with something remarkable to remember them by. And what happened? See, Renault has unveiled during this year’s Geneva International Motor Show its very first 4×4 crossover vehicle. Renault says that this ride, known as the Koleos, is going to be the kind of vehicle which you would like to drive or ride in everyday.

The Renault Koleos has got a lot to offer and that would be surprising knowing that it is manufactured by Renault. This vehicle is very much comfortable to ride in and drivers who have been able to take it for a spin have already come to share that it is easy to drive around. And Renault made sure that the Renault Koleos has got to offer more than the usual crossover. See, the Renault Koleos has been actually designed so much so that you can ride it while in the city and you can also take it off-road. Yes. This vehicle is that cool.

To be able to create the Renault Koleos, there were quite a number of companies who have chipped in to be able to bring this first Renault 4×4 crossover come to life. The design came from Renault themselves. However, the development came from Nissan. But that should not be much of a problem for Nissan and Renault are part of one alliance.