Massacusetts Is 2009 BMW X6 Debut Venue

Aside from the green Celtics which hails from Massachusetts, one of the most recent events that has happened in this state is the debut of one of the best vehicles that would ever roam the streets. I am talking about the debut of BMW’s 2009 X6 and this happened last June.

Months before the actual event, people were already talking about what was going to happen. Of course, BMW made sure that everything was prepared and ready so much so that everything would go smoothly. After all, the 2009 BMW X6 is the very first Sports Activity Coupe in the entire world. Now that is really something.

Now, if you are interested in owning the 2009 BMW X6, you would be quite happy to know that you would be given two engine choices for the vehicle. One would be the xDrive50i unit which can spurt out 400 horsepower while the other one is the xDrive35i which can give you 300 units of horsepower. If you would be going for the base model, it is estimated that you would have to shell out around $52,500 and if you would be going for the luxury 5.0i, then $63,000 is what you would have to shell out. Of course, that would be fairly right because you are given the guarantee that the 2009 BMW X6 is a really quality vehicle and that it would be giving you the pride that you have not yet found in the vehicles that you have taken for a spin.

Aside from the power that the 2009 BMW X6 has, everybody has been that excited for the design that the vehicle comes with. See, it has a touch of elegance and yet it still comes as a sporty unit. Knowing that it is from BMW though, that kind of combination is not something to be surprised about.