The Reality In The Toyota i-REAL

Japanese car maker Toyota Motor Corporation is a company which has got one of the best pool of designers and engineers of the industry. This can be seen in the kind of products that they are offering in the market. Come to think of it, Toyota products come not only with quality but with creativity as well.

Take for example the Toyota i-REAL. Is the Toyota i-REAL really real, that you may ask. And if you really do, you would be given the answer that it is a real vehicle – the catch though is that it is still a concept. In fact, Toyota calls this as a “conceptual personal mobility vehicle”.

Like most concept vehicles, the Toyota i-REAL comes as a unique unit. See, it is a car but it only comes with three wheels. Toyota is very proud to say that despite this car being small and different, it can easily adapt to the kind of traffic that it encounters. If there are lots of people, it would be changing its speed and all other factors. Toyota is very much proud to say that during times when the vehicle is running at a low speed, the Toyota i-REAL would then pull all its three wheels far closer than usual. When this happens, the vehicle would then go up so much so that there would be less surface area and so it can easily go through. Very innovative, right?

You may now ask what happens during high speeds. Well, Toyota has also disclosed what happens. The Toyota i-REAL then do the opposite of what it does during low speeds – the wheels are spread apart. The seat of the vehicle also leans back so that the stability of the vehicle is ensured.

Most of you now would surely want this one to go into production, right?