BMW Unveils Two New Rides

The Big Apple. The place where there is much going on. The place where the lights never seem to go off. That big city which is full of events and activities and fun. And New York has been the very place which BMW chose to become the venue when it unveiled two of the newest cars that it has created.

Last March 19th, BMW brought to the attention of the whole industry two new vehicles which it claims to be what the future would be like in terms of total driving pleasure. These two new vehicles are the 2008 BMW M3 Convertible and the BMW Concept CS. And the luxury car maker brought these two new vehicles to the attention of the North American industry right in New York.

Before the event, BMW has been very busy preparing for that event. In fact, the head and CEO of BMW’s Holding Corp. in the United States has been noted to have said that the company has been quite excited about the two vehicles’ North American launch. He also did declare that this is because the vehicles are actually proof of the kind of dedication that BMW has when it comes to creating vehicles that consumers want and need. The vehicles are also said to be the kind of vehicles that the future would hold and that is something to be proud of, as well.

As for the production 2008 BMW M3 Convertible, this ride has already arrived in the market. It comes with a powerful engine which is a V8 unit. It has quite an array of features and technologies which would make the whole driving (and riding) experience something different from what we are all used to. Knowing BMW and the skills that they posses, such would be something that they can deliver and can deliver well.