Ford Knight Rider Shelby Mustangs Auctioned

Were you there at Palm Beach in Florida last March 29th? If you were, then you would have known that the Detroit car maker Ford Motor Company had auctioned one of TV’s most known vehicles – two of the Ford Shelby Mustangs which were used in the renowned Knight Rider series. These two units were actually part of the set of vehicles which were put under the hammer during the Annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event which is on its 6th year.

According to Ford, they have put the two vehicles under auction so as to help the group Salute to Education which would be receiving the proceeds. Of course, selling the vehicles have surely been a great help to the organization.

As per the side of the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, Steve Davis, the company’s president, had mentioned that the presence of the mentioned vehicles had brought much bidders. In fact, with the event being one of the most attended auctions of vehicles, having the Knight Rider Shelby Mustangs had meant even more people attending. See, the president of the company did also continue that if he were the owner of one of the vehicles, he surely would be proud to drive it around to the mall, to restaurants, or to work because it would be like being part of the whole Knight Rider deal personally.

One of the Knight Rider vehicles which was sold was the Super KITT and this one has been made to be a Ford Mustang GT painted in black. It has a 4.6 liter V8 engine and has the capacity to produce 500 units of horsepower with much help from the Ford Racing Whipple Supercharger.

The other vehicle is the Attack Mode KITT which is also a black unit. It has got a 4.6 liter V8 engine and has quite a number of remarkable features.