Sensibility Is In The VW Golf

Sense and sensibility. That is a book (or was that a movie). Yes. But what this post is about the Volkswagen Golf being given the title of the “Most Sensible Car 2008” and this title is something that VW would surely be proud of. After all, it is not everyday that one of the vehicles that they have created has been given such a name.

So who gave this title to the Volkswagen Golf? Well, Guter Rat (German for ‘Good Advice’) is one of the largest magazines in Germany and the magazine had engaged readers to tell them about products which they consider are the best. For the category of the most sensible car, the readers have deicded that it was the Volkswagen Golf estate which should be given such a title. According to the readers who participated in naming the Volkswagen Golf as such, they have certainly been wooed by the fact that VW has made this ride to be friendly to the environment with the low amount of CO2 that it emits, to provide passengers the best comfort, and a really nice interior. Now these are certainly characteristics that you cannot see in just one vehicle. Well, except for the Volkswagen Golf estate.

The VW Golf is already in its third generation. And as for this version, it has been given the capacity to take in five people inside. Aside from that, the vehicle can also transport 690 liters of luggage and stuff.

For power source, those who would want to own the VW Golf would have two engine choices and both are diesel engines. One is the TDI which allows the ride to go a hundred kilometers in 5.2 liters of fuel. As for the larger engine unit, it can allow the ride to go a hundred kilometers with 5.6 liters.