Nissan Denki’s Spirit

And we have got yet another electric vehicle. This one is known as the Cube from Nissan.

We go back to the New York Auto Show which happened early this year and that is because that is where the world has got to know the Nissan Denki Cube. Denki is actually the Japanese term for electric so if you are going to look at it, the Nissan Denki Cube can be translated into the Nissan Electric Cube. This ride is actually a concept vehicle.

Made by Nissan, the Nissan Denki Cube has been given a battery which is lithium ion. This concept vehicle has been put on display at New York’s Jacob Javits Convention Center and quite a number of people have flocked to its stage. After all, whose curiosity would not be picqued with something like this?

Al Castignetti is the senior VP of Nissan’s North American arm on sales and marketing. He did say that the Nissan Denki Cube is a really good way to be able to bring to the attention and knowledge of the US consumers the fact about vehicles that could not only be economic when it comes to fuel but could also be presentable. After all, we all are thinking about such features currently.

Despite being made to be boxy and not really square, the Nissan Denki Cube is fun to look at and holds a lot of promising features for consumers. In fact, many have found this ride to be charming and something that they would opt in case they do need to get a car of their own. It has been given a front grille which has a lightning design. There are also new designs given to the exterior parts of the vehicle which make it eye-capturing. It has been painted in white pearl and some graphic designs.