Volvo XCs Does Well In Annual Review

Nearing 70 other vehicles. This was what the two Volvo XC models had to compete with to be able to get the best awards.

During the 2009 4×4 Magazine’s set of awards, two of Volvo’s vehicles, the Volvo XC70 and the Volvo XC90, had to compete and they had to do it well. After all, the awards from 4×4 Magazine is certainly the biggest in the United Kingdom. And it also is known as the most comprehensive review of 4x4s and this is done annually. And so each year, car makers with 4x4s make sure that their units are well prepared for such awards.

And it does look like both Volvo XC models really did well. The Volvo XC70 was able to take the title as the best 4×4 Estate. It was able to beat vehicles like the Audi Allroad as well as the Jaguar X-Type AWD which are considered to be two of the best 4x4s that the world has ever seen. As per the Volvo XC90, this ride did get a real good title as being one of the highly commended units as per the family segment. So kudos really goes to Volvo and these two vehicles.

With such things, Chris Wailes, the product manager of Volvo Car in the United Kingdom, had been quite ecstatic. In fact, he did disclose with pride that both vehicles just how the company’s goals of providing the market with world class vehicles. He did disclose that the company produces vehicles that do not only just appear to be really good but are also good to drive around. He also added that the vehicles under Volvo are also made to be able to rise up to whatever challenge it is faced with. And the titles given to the vehicles are certainly something that has made the company very happy.