Waiting For the Toyota iQ

When the Japanese car maker Toyota has decided to launch the Toyota iQ, it had been a spectacular hit. After all, it has been designed to be a concept vehicle. And when it comes to concept vehicles, the industry just could not get enough of them. After all, who would not be excited to see a unique vehicle which comes with features that you only thought could happen in your imagination?

And so this time at the Paris Motor Show, Toyota is going to send out the production version of a concept that it had before. This is all about the Toyota iQ and this motor show is the very first time that such would be displayed and introduced to the public.

What is with the Toyota iQ? Well, this one is known as the smallest premium vehicle with four seats that the world has ever known. It only is 3 meters long. However, that is not just what the Toyota iQ has got to offer and be proud of. See, this ride can be a really good one to drive on the streets. See, Toyota made sure that it would be something that could compete well with other vehicles on the road.

And it has also been made to be green. Just how green? Well, the Toyota iQ has been given the ability has carbon dioxide emissions clocked in at 99 grams per kilometers so that is certainly good. In fact, more than good, even.

Despite it being small, the Toyota iQ has been made to be safe so much so that it can protect all its passengers. All around the vehicle, you would find safety features. This vehicle has also been given the opportunity to come with the very first curtain shield airbags for the rear windows. A real first.