Audi R8 Bestowed With Titles

The World Car of the Year awards is something that most car makers are looking forward to. That is one of the reasons why they do make sure that the vehicles that they are offering the market are competitive and would be able to do really well in the market click resources.

As for Audi, they had made sure that the Audi R8 was something to remember and not just as a vehicle to ride in. And so at the start of this year, the 2008 World Car of the Year event has pushed through as usual and the Audi R8 has been one of the successful vehicles there. Why successful, you may ask? Well, see, this vehicle has actually took home two awards. It has been able to grab the World Performance Car of the Year award as well as the World Car Design of the year. Now if you were in Audi’s place, you surely would be jumping for joy. After all, the Audi R8 was not the only vehicle to have been scrutinized by the judges. In fact, the vehicle had to compete with quite a number of vehicles from all around the world. The judges came from various corners of the world.

One of the features that the judges had come to love about the Audi R8 was the engine that it had and that was one of the reasons why it came to be called the 2008 World Performance Car. See, this source of power is quite solid and can spurt out 420 units of horsepower. Now that is quite understandable knowing that it is a V8 unit.

Winning such the World Performance Car of the Year this year is surely something that Audi did not quite expect after its Audi RS4 had been able to bag that award last year.