Knowing The Suzuki SX4

Released in 2006 as a 2007 model in the US and some parts of Europe, the Suzuki SX4 had a great deal of acceptance from people who love compact cars with room for recreation and travel. The model has been given a rejuvenated design and another version was released just this year with improved specifications and safety features. Released again in Europe last March and landed on Japan 4 months later, this time, the Suzuki SX4 will be available in the Middle East as a midsize sedan. Today, we expect that it will make history again with its awesome adoptive features.

The SX4 is particularly known for its safety features and comfortable interior design. It is equipped with the anti-lock brake system on its front disc brakes allowing it to move safely over sharp curves and slippery roads. Bumpers and metal reinforcements have been modified to maximize absorption of allowable impact. Complementing the bumpers are airbags that are mounted in the dashboard in front of the front passenger seats and in the steering wheel for the driver. Airbags including those mounted for side impacts come standard for this model – not to mention the other safety features included which are simply impeccable.

The chassis of the SX4 is from the renowned and multi-awarded Swift, another model from Suzuki. With the compact design of the chassis, the interior of the SX4 allows a maximum of 5 passengers. Though relatively small compared to other compact and full size sedans, SX4’s overall performance particularly in its handling and cruise stability has greater advantage.

Considering the Middle East’s atmospheric condition’s demand and the road engineering factors, the Suzuki SX4 will surely make it. This car simply is fit for young professionals because of its exterior’s hype look and sporty interior design. This is also a good car for small families because of its economical attributes.

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