The Japanese Hako Concept

You may think that this is not an automotive related entry. After all, Hako, as a word, is something that is not really familiar. However, if you have already heard, the brand Scion has brought out a vehicle named the Hako and it is a concept vehicle.

Scion has brought to the knowledge of the automotive public a vehicle. It is the Scion Hako Coupe concept and it has been sent out to the public early this year during a press conference. According to the car maker, they have made sure that this concept was something that people could really remember. This one is actually a product of the brains and creative minds of their design team based in Tokyo.

The team did not just come up with the idea out of midair. What they did was they had to study first what their target market wanted. And Scion, being a brand that is catered to giving products that the youth wanted, had to go find out what the youth wanted in a vehicle. And so the team went through brainstorming sessions and decided on a vehicle which was a twist of what the Japanese youth want and what the American youth find interesting. With that came out the Scion Hako Coupe concept.

Jack Hollis is the vice president of Scion and he said that the company had been able to come up with the Scion Hako Coupe concept after all the studies. He also disclosed that he belives that the ride is actually a ride that shows just what the youth all around the world do want to have when it comes to a vehicle.

It is not everyday that you do hear of car makers asking people what they want. Indeed, what Scion did is something remarkable. Good going guys.