Toyota Becomes Hybrid Safari Ride

Remember those shows which would show videos of people roughing it out on a safari tour. Of course, they would be using off road vehicles to be able to keep up with the rough terrains that await those who want to go on a safari trip. However, most off road vehicles guzzle up a lot of gas and also emit harmful gases.

However, going on a safari trip is now cleaner with the help of a clean safari ride. What makes this safari ride clean is the fact that it is a hybrid vehicle. And it is the very first of its kind.

A Toyota Highlander was the vehicle that was chosen to be tweaked so much so that it is now a hybrid vehicle. It is a four wheel drive ride and is now named the Hybrid Safari One. To be able to keep up with the rough terrains, Natural Habitat Adventures, the company behind this ride, has given the upgraded Toyota Highlander with a stronger suspension system. It also a new roof that has a canvas top that can slide open or close. Natural Habitat Adventures is quite happy with the ride and they have been using this vehicle when taking clients to rough places like the Grand Canyon, the Zion Canyon, and the Bryce Canyon.

Ben Bressler is the director and the man behind Natural Habitat Adventures. On the vehicle, he has disclosed that it actually came up after the company has been trying to help the environment by lessening the harmful emissions that they are contributing to the environment. They had then agreed to come up with a prototype of some sort and if it works, then they would certainly go for it.

Indeed, riding in a hybrid safari vehicle like this spruced up Toyota Highlander that is now known as the Hybrid Safari One is going to be an adventure in itself.