A Look At The New Toyota TR

If you have already been given much knowledge about the Toyota SR in the previous post, this one would be able its sibling – the Toyota Auris TR. The Toyota Auris TR is actually a new vehicle and has been sent out to the market the same time as the Toyota Auris SR and that launch happened just this spring.

What you would find with the Toyota Auris TR is a really good price tag which would allow you to enjoy a good combination of features. The vehicle has also been made to be safe to drive and safe to ride in. Now these are really good reasons why we should all be looking at what the Toyota Auris TR has to offer.

One of the features that you would find in the Toyota Auris TR is the air conditioning system which is made to be dual zone and is automatic. See, to actually control this system to keep you feeling comfortable inside the car’s cabin is a control that you just need to touch to be able to let the system know what you would want it to do.

Alloy wheels have also been given to the Toyota Auris TR. Now these have been made to look really smart and comes with five spokes. They measure 16 inches. Inside the vehicle, you would find the seats to be trimmed in a blue shade. In the rear, you would notice that it has chrome trims.

Nine airbags can also be found inside the ride. It also has front fog lamps and the steering wheel which is wrapped in leather has also been given controls to the audio system.

You get to choose between two engines for the Toyota Auris TR. One is a unit that runs on petrol while the other choice is one that runs on diesel.