BMW Hydrogen 7 Given To Prince Albert II

During the Ever Monaco, an exhibit that focused on the environment, many people were able to learn much about what we all could do to help out keep the environment and Mother Nature in tiptop shape. And one of the most interesting things that has happened during that event was one royal being handed the keys to an environment friendly vehicle.

The opening of the Ever Monaco was actually highlighted by Prince Albert II and the BMW Hydrogen 7. The prince was handed over the keys to the mentioned vehicle.

Such is actually a good way to tell people that everybody can do something to help keep the environment clean. In fact, using the BMW Hydrogen 7 is actually considered to be a good deed and part of the program known as the Sustainable Environmental Protection. This program is actually part of the policies that the government of the country had made.

With Prince Albert II having the keys to a BMW Hydrogen 7 unit, that is not actually just for show. The prince would actually be using that vehicle to drive to his various destinations. See, even if he would be driving the vehicle around, he would not be contributing to pollution for the BMW Hydrogen 7 almost does not have any emissions if it runs on hydrogen as a source of power. In a test, when running on hydrogen, the BMW Hydrogen 7 only has been able to give out 5 grams of carbon dioxide and that is a really good amount compared to what other vehicles are spewing out.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 is the very first sedan that has been made to run on hydrogen and it has also been made to be a luxury vehicle. So just imagine all the fun that you would be having while keeping nature green and keeping yourself comfortable inside the ride.