Chevrolet Volt’s Development Going Well

When Chevrolet brought the Chevrolet Volt to the public, it has been an instant success. Well, it may not have been a production vehicle yet but it has received much applause and praise. After all, this is a ride which can really move, has good looks, and does not consume fuel. It runs on batteries which can be charged overnight to give you a good drive the following day.

With that, Chevrolet wants that when it brings the Chevrolet Volt to the market as a mass produced vehicle, they would be able to bring happiness to whoever buys the ride. That is why development of the Chevrolet Volt is continuous. The car maker has brought its best engineers to make sure that the batteries that the Chevrolet Volt would be using would be able to work really well. They also want to make sure that these batteries would be durable so much so that consumers would not have problems with charging and driving the ride.

The engineers have looked at lithium ion batteries to be the power source of the ride. With a charge, they have been able to clock 40 miles of driving for the Chevrolet Volt. When the battery runs low, then the driver could switch to fuel.

Studies are currently being done on the quality of the batteries that would be used by the Chevrolet Volt. In fact, the equipment that is being used to test the batteries are continuously running and the results are being recorded. With that, the engineers would be able to check just how durable the batteries would be and just how long they would last.

Frank Weber is the Chevrolet Volt’s chief engineer and he says that they are doing such so as to be able to give a rough estimate on how the lithium ion batteries would work in the long run.