Japan Still Bows Down To Suzuki Wagon R

There are certain vehicles which certainly have been successfully able to take a grasp of the consumers so much so that they remain to be one of the most popular, or one of the bought vehicles in the market. One example is the Toyota Corolla which has been in the industry for quite a while already and is still doing well in the market. And then there is also the Honda Civic which, like the Toyota Corolla, is still doing great even after being in the market for quite some time already.

In Japan, there is such a vehicle which still holds much share in the market. This is the Suzuki Wagon R which is a creation of the Suzuki Motor Corporation. The Suzuki Wagon R has been made into a minivehicle and last year, it has been able to grab the spot as the vehicle with the most sales. In fact, this ride has been able to hold on to that position for four years consecutively already. And this is not just any kind of plot to get more people to notice the Suzuki Wagon R. These facts are actually from data from the auto industry in Japan.

Aside from being the vehicle which has sold the most last year, the Suzuki Wagon R has also been known as the best selling minivehicle for five consecutive years already. This is now according to data given out by the Japan Automobile Dealers Association as well as from the Japan Mini Vehicles Association.

Now this is not actually surprising knowing that the Suzuki Wagon R is a minivehicle. With the high price of fuel (which is still steadily going up), people are surely going for small vehicles which do not use up much fuel. Good going Suzuki and more successes for the Suzuki Wagon R.


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