Sedan And Coupe In The Volkswagen Passat CC

Volkswagen has certainly been one of the strongest brands in the entire auto industry. After all, it has been able to produce over 15 million units already and it still is continuing to add to that number. The Volkswagen Passat and the Volkswagen Passat Variant has been one of the most successful units that this car maker has created and one of the newest additions to this range is the Volkswagen Passat CC.

So what is the Volkswagen Passat CC? This ride is actually what you would describe as a vehicle that merges the features that you would find in a sedan and the features that you would find in a coupe. This ride has been made to come with a body design that is completely independent. Inside, you would find out that it has been made to be sporty starting with the individual bucket seats in the front and in the rear. Under the hood of the Volkswagen Passat CC, that is where you would discover that it has a powerful powertrain. Most who have been able to check out this ride has said that the technologies that are in here are what you would find in most luxury vehicles.

There are three variants to the Volkswagen Passat CC. One is the Volkswagen Passat CC TDI. This ride has already been able to meet the emission standards of the Euro-5. It has a fuel consumption of 5.8 liters. Another one is the Volkswagen Passat CC TSI and this one has been given a turbo engine. It can consume 7.6 liters for each hundred kilometers. It has also been able to clock in 222 kilometers per hour as its top speed. The last variant is the Volkswagen Passat CC V6 4Motion. This one has been made into an all-wheel drive vehicle.