And Here Is The VW Transporter Sportline Kombi

Just last April this year, Volkswagen had sent out yet another new vehicle model to the auto industry. Of course, this is certainly a good way to let people know that they had not stopped creating the best vehicles after the Volkswagen Beetle. And so as what has happened last April, Volkswagen had sent out the VW Transporter Sportline Kombi and it had happened during the CV Show.

The VW Transporter Sportline Kombi was actually built using the panel van as well as the whole brand of the Sportline as a basis. And so what became of it is a vehicle that comes with the same kind of style that can be found in the Sportline. Aside from that, the ride also comes with a suspension which has been lowered and the whole vehicle rides on alloy wheels that measure 18 inches. You would also find chrome grilles on it as well as side rails. The VW Transporter Sportline Kombi has also been bestowed with spoilers in the front and the rear as well as bumpers, mirros, and door handles that are in the same shade as the body.

Take a look inside the ride and you would find out that the VW Transporter Sportline Kombi has been given sliding windows for those who would be seating in the rear portion. You would also notice that in the rear, the seat here is made to be a bench and it can seat three people. It can also fold and can tip so as to give more space in cases when there is cargo that needs to be transported. The side panels in the rear have also been given leather trims so just imagine the luxury that the VW Transporter Sportline Kombi has. You would also surely be in favor of the fact that the ride can take in five passengers.