BMW M3 Ad Is All About Power

The arrival of the 2008 BMW M3 is not just an ordinary arrival. BMW made sure that this vehicle would be met with much clamor and so what they did was they hired the help of an advertising agency, GSD & M Idea City, that would tell people about the ride and what it has to offer.

What the advertising agency through of was to create a television ad campaign. This would be talking much about what the 2008 BMW M3 has to give you. And the main point though is putting the spotlight on the 2008 BMW M3’s engine which is a V8 unit. The television spot that has been completed has actually been given a title and it is known as “Revolution”. It has already made its way to various cable networks that are shown all around the country. So just imagine how many homes have been reached by such a campaign and how many people in each household are aware of what the 2008 BMW M3 is proud of.

Jack Pitney is BMW North America’s vice president for marketing and he said that the 2008 BMW M3 is the vehicle that comes with the V8 engine which is the very first in its series. And the title of the ad campaign has actually been based on the fact that the company is proud of the engine that the ride has and the kind of power and action that it could allow the 2008 BMW M3 to do.

Duff Stewart, on the other hand, is the president and the chief head for the advertising agency inspired of the BMW M3 ad. He said that the best way to experience the 2008 BMW M3 aside from being in the driver’s seat is knowing just what the engine is capable of.