Improvements Given To the Mercedes Coupe CLS

Mercedes Benz is very proud to say that they have given the Mercedes Coupe CLS quite a number of restyling and design cues so as to make the ride even more remarkable than before. And that is why the company is very much proud to shout out to the rest of the world that they have made this ride with four doors to be a refined one that has been given the best improvements which can be found even in the smallest details of the ride.

This is the very reason as per why the car maker has made the Mercedes Coupe CLS to be even more irresistible. This coupe has already been unveiled just during spring this year.

The restyling done to the Mercedes Coupe CLS includes some that were made in the front and that includes the radiator grille. This grille has been modified so much so that it now stands out really well. Plus, this grille has been given only two louvers compared to the four that it used to have. The grille is actually diamond in shape and has been given a gray shade that really harmonizes well with the overall look of the vehicle.

The exterior mirrors of the Mercedes Coupe CLS have also received some changes. The surface of this auto part has been made larger by around 32 per cent. With that, the driver could easily check the situation of the traffic behind them. The driver could also check just if there are any obstacles or people behind and that is a good safety procedure when driving.

But that is not all. The side indicator lamps which are made from LED are now arranged so much so that they now look like an arrow. With that, Mercedes Benz is pretty sure that other people and other vehicles on the road would be able to notice it immediately and keep safe.